Finding the right person can be time-consuming and expensive. At Horizon, we aim to make this process easier for our Clients.

We put all our energy into finding your ideal candidate within a realistic time frame using a flexible approach that is cost-effective without compromising on service. In all projects, Horizon includes verification of candidate references and qualifications.


Horizon offers four primary services to our Clients:

Executive Search

Executive Search is a proven method of identifying high calibre candidates. The direct approach provides a special element of personal advocacy and is particularly effective when attracting executives to move companies.


The Dual Approach

This method uses both advertising and limited search directed at personnel in key organisations. This ensures that the net is thrown as wide as possible, plus using our extended industry network and sources to find candidates who might not actually apply, but who might after consideration, be ready to change companies.

In addition to this, we have a large database of potential candidates, which we refer to in our search.

All applicants gain a fair and considered assessment.


This product is solely based on advertising the role. We target suitable key personnel who are ready to move upwards in a corporate structure and advertising ensures that we attract a large range of applicants over a wide spectrum. All applicants gain a fair and considered assessment.


CV Sift

This product is designed to aid businesses which do not have a dedicated recruitment/HR team, or a time-short hiring manager, to evaluate and interview responses to their advertised positions.

With the introduction of this new service we aim to help our clients to pursue their full time jobs, knowing that the CVs will be read and vetted and the candidates dealt with efficiently and in a professional manner. The client only need give essential time to the shortlist interview process.

In addition to these primary services, Horizon can offer Psychometric Testing for longlisted and shortlisted candidates.


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